Saturday, May 31, 2008

ACAB - Fredom & Justice

they are my favourite song.

A.C.A.B-Skinhead 4 life

A.C.A.B Performing at Prodigy Club
Taken as Live & Loud 2
More at

The Pilgrims - Sua Sue Good Morning

Plague Of Happiness - Viva La Punk (MTV Live)

Sunburst KL08 - Gerhana Ska Cinta - No One

Gerhana Ska Cinta at Sunburst KL08 - No One

Gerhana Ska Cinta - This Is Ska MV

Out for the preparation of a festival, nurse Widy takes 4 mental patients to blow balloons. Edy, Bakri, Fairuz and Jalud end up playing and eventually making the flag of Jamaica. Video features Gopal on drums. Directed by Nigel Sia using the Nokia N93i for Nokia's 'You Make It Reel' competition.

Gerhana Skacinta - Senyuman Ragamu

Karoake with gsc.they are my favourite ska band.

The Times - Kasanova

The Times latest clip video taken from their new album called "Nada Melankolik Malaya"

The Times - Pesona Algebra

THE TIMES video clip.

permysuri OAG

they are my favourite video clip,video clip permysuri OAG,they are indie band.


Butterfingers-1000tahun(mahu hidup)Versi BeritaButter

1000tahun(mahu hidup)Versi BeritaButter*

butterfingers-1000 Tahun (mahu hidup)

1st single from latest album Kembali..indie band in MALAYSIA.

ACAB - Our Country

ACAB - Our Country

This is the greatest Oi! Band from Malaysia..The legend and godfather of oi!

May the always in our memories as da greatest oi! Band in Malaysia.

The Official I Can't Believe It's True Music Video

The Official playing at the Oi! Best Fest 2002

The Aggrobeats- 'Funky Fire'- Live@Laundry20.12.07

Covering The Aggrolites song 'Funky Fire' during the Alompak Ago Go Nite at Laundry



Sil Khannaz - Gerbang Kayangan

This is da fuckin awesome mtal band from MALAYSIA.The lyric was using classic Malay.


Dingin Semilir Pagi
Senjujuk Ke Tulang Hitam
Mengangkat Aku Ke Bahtera Awana
Bertatah Petir Menerjah Awan

Berlari Kuda-Kuda Hitam
Membujuk Langit
Menafi Tanah
Menafi Lautan
Bagai Halilintar Rindukan Amang

Kuseru Langit Membuka Bidai
Kuseru Awan Menyembah Bumi
Mengalir Panas Darah Diraga
Darah Turunan Indera Sapurba

Bagai Indrajit Depan Rawana
Sepuluh Kepala Sepuluh Bahu
Berdatik Sahaja Mengaku Diraja
Aku Tuntut Janjimu Prabu
Sang Sita Balik Dalam Pelukanku

Agungnya Panca Depan Mataku
Marinya Turun Tujuh Dayang
Menerjah Aku Putera Sakti
Merafak Dibuka Gerbang Kayangan

Hujan got f**k?

This is video so hot! Most indie music supporter knew about it!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Roots N Boots - Made In Malaysia (Live)


they are my favourite ska punk band,this is a new video clip.


ACAB - We`re the youth

they are my favourite song.cheers

Street of Uptown - ACAB Live!

streets of uptown

drank in a pub on a saturday night
me and the boys were feeling alright
as we walked the streets feeling loads of pride
proud with our roots and our way of life

then stood some geezers try to steal that night
stare at us try to pick a fight
me and the boys were waiting for the start
as we prepared for an aggro, oh what a night!

thats the story of how our life goes
we had been treated like a bunch of snucked up fools
scorned by many understood by few
theres not much things left for us to do

don't wanna go back to darkdays of mine
where i gone too far i could have killed someone
but i don't wanna give up behaving like a cunt
while watching my mates doing the best they

in the streets of uptown
streets of uptown
its our ups and our downs
and it will go around

in the streets of uptown
streets of uptown
its our laugh and our tears
and it will alsts for years

The Aggrobeats - The Aggrobeats

This video clip is by the famaous skinhead reggae band The Aggrobeats from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Their sounds are from the likes of The Aggrolites and other skinhead reaggae bands. Taken from he city streets of Bukit Bintang around Kuala Lumpur with friends acting and done by Firdaus of Aggrocult Management. This video is not finish yet as there are still some editing and final touchups that needs to be done.

SIL-KHANNAZ - Gadis Melayu

Cover song by Sil Khannaz.Metal band from Malaysia.

Dunia - Fatally Oi!

Battle Of The Bands at Melaka Mall.
Where we were performing 2 of our own
songs Dunia and Dead Oi! City, and 1
cover song Real Enemy by The Business.

Fatally oi! has release their demo.Check out now! Buy..!


Just enjoy for this song.

Hidup Ini - Gerhana SkaCinta

This is from Gerhana SkaCinta.The greatest Ska band in Malaysia.May they rest in peace and as the greatest malaysia ska band in our memories.